NZICF 2016: Jimeoin – Yeehaa!


Jimeoin is bad with names, thinks his wife is nasty and has many abandoned cups of tea around his house due to his forgetfulness. These are just a few of the many amusing things we learn about him during this show.

Yeehaa! sees Jimeoin do what he does best: find the funny in everyday situations. In his words, the theme of the show is, “What’s it all about?” and in essence this holds true. Over the course of the hour, Jimeoin gives us his comedic take on the mundane and often silly things that take place in life.

The show is essentially an observational monologue made up of a collection of elaborate stories as well as shorter anecdotes with the occasional tangent thrown in to the mix. He delivers all these seamlessly and in such a casual manner yet it is clear that each story – and even digression – has been thoughtfully placed and expertly timed for maximum comedic impact.

What takes this show to another level is that trademark physicality which he brings to his performance. If you’re familiar with Jimeoin’s work, you’ll know that this is an integral part of his comedy. His signature comical facial expressions in particular are always well received and add another layer of hilarity to his material.

Yeehaa! is a solid and excellently devised hour of sharp, witty observations that is consistently funny and easily enjoyable. Jimeoin has an innate, impressive ability to impart humor both verbally and physically that is a pleasure to experience.


Yeehaa! is on until May 7th at 7pm at SKYCITY Theatre before heading to Christchurch for one performance only on May 8th at the Isaac Theatre Royal at 7:30pm. For more details and to book tickets, click here.


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