NZICF 2016: Tessa Waters – WOMANz

Tessa Waters

What happens when a star falls in love with a rock and they merge? A self-loving, fun-loving, ready-to-party sexually liberated goddess called WOMANz is born.

When Tessa Waters first takes to the stage, we are confronted with art thrown at our faces, comical demonstrations of ‘stagecraft’ and talking vaginas. There is a nervous energy and slight confusion in the air as the crowd try to work out what exactly it is we have signed up for.

WOMANz is a scintillating, uninhibited hour of boisterous, raucous and audacious merriment punctuated by energetic dance and riotous repartee. It is a celebration of life, love and womanhood among other things. Along the way this goddess from the stars teaches us the walk of glory, crumping and even allows time for some (optional) solo crotch appreciation.

Waters took great care in involving everyone in the night’s shenanigans while still being respectful of people’s personal boundaries which is not usually typical in this sort of show. Thus though this show is probably not for everyone, even if you are more shy and reserved, you can stay right in your comfort zone. This mirrors the over-riding message of the show, that the important thing is to ‘do you’.

Waters is the consummate stage performer who uses quite literally everything in her arsenal to put on a stomping good show. Her energy is infectious and you can’t help but be seduced by her charisma. This larger-than-life character she has created is vivacious and undoubtedly cheeky yet still manages to come across endearing and in some ways relatable.

WOMANz is deliciously risqué, fabulously facetious and wildly entertaining. It is a frenetic and exuberant physical comedy that no words can fully encapsulate – just go and experience it for yourself! (You’re welcome.)


WOMANz is on at the Montecristo, 53 Nelson St at 9:45pm until May 8th. The show then starts its Wellington run in the Fringe Bar at 8:30pm from May 10th – 14th. For more details and to book tickets, click here.


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