NZICF 2016: Wes Barker – Stunt Magician

Wes Barker

Considering his fame – appearances on America’s Got Talent and MTV, a win on Penn and Teller: Fool Us and 28 million YouTube views – Wes Barker comes across remarkably down-to-earth. Stunt Magician is quite a unique experience in that it is as much about the performer as it is the magic.

Barker tells us from the start that this is a not a ‘dove, dove, fireball’ kind of magic show which is accurate. The show is more low-key by nature and does not have the flashy pizzazz that is usually prevalent in magic shows but this unassuming quality is part of the show’s charm.

The show does take a while to kick in to gear but once Barker warmed up and gained momentum, he had the crowd hooked. Over the course of the hour, bags were frisked, strangers magically read each other’s minds and an amazing, jaw-dropping ‘sword swallowing’ trick left the crowd stumped. His repertoire involved superb use of sleight of hand, astonishing illusions as well as some of the more common tricks but with a twist.

Barker’s amiable nature and charming disposition make him extremely likable which he uses effectively to easily win over the crowd. There was ample amount of audience participation and crowd interaction which is to be expected. The cabaret-style seating worked well with the show as it allowed for more casual banter.

In between tricks, Barker also weaved in some entertaining personal tales, showing that he is also an adept comedian. His anecdotes about an inadvertent boomerang accident as well as amusing conversations with his girlfriend had solid comedic value and enhanced the overall narrative of the show.

Stunt Magician brilliantly infuses magic, comedy and stunts to form an incredibly enjoyable and engaging hour. Wes Barker is a skilled magician and illusionist who will impress, surprise and leave you wanting more.


Stunt Magician is on until May 7th in Auckland Town Hall’s Comedy Chamber at 7pm. It then heads over to Hannah Playhouse May 10th-14th for its Wellington season. For more details and to book tickets, click here.


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