NZICF 2016: The Walking Dead – The Funny Side of the Apocalypse

Dan Willis - TWD

You would have to be living on a different planet to have not heard of the AMC hit TV series of the same title. Zombies have very much become so ingrained in our pop culture framework that it is really not that far-fetched to have a survival plan in place…just in case.

Whether you are already a zombie aficionado or you’re thinking “What if?” and just want to be prepared, Dan Willis is here to help. Part seminar, part tutorial with a good amount of comedy dotted throughout, The Walking Dead is not only an introductory course to all things zombie but will also provide you with the best strategy to survive in a post-apocalyptic world.

Having studied and been obsessed with the undead for a decade, Willis is legitimately your zombie trivia go-to guy. Over the course of the show, he leaves no infected stone unturned from revealing its Haitian origins to sharing what he feels will be his perfect secondary weapon of choice.

The hour is structured like a lecture but it is very much an open forum with Willis actively interacting with and seeking feedback from the crowd. There is a section of the show where the audience come together to form the ultimate group of survivors (using international and local celebrities) which I thought was a brilliant interactive addition to the set.

While he does include other zombie texts in the mix as well as some apt sci-fi crossover references, the majority of his points of discussion derive from the TV series, specifically the first three seasons. Thus you may appreciate the show a bit more if you watch the series but even so don’t let that deter you as it has been thoughtfully written to be highly accessible.

Considering the macabre theme, as with the show’s tagline, Dan Willis does manage to find the funny side of the apocalypse and it is this that makes The Walking Dead such an enjoyable and entertaining piece. Whether you’re already a fan or are just plain curious, this is the ideal late night comedy treat.


The Walking Dead is on at The Classic Studio from April 27th – 30th at 10pm. For more details and to book tickets, click here.






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