NZICF 2016: Stephen K Amos – The Laughter Master

Stephen K Amos

Not everyone has the bravado to get away with calling their latest show The Laughter Master. Not unless you are Stephen K Amos in which case it is not only justified but completely true.

Amos is no stranger to the comedy circuit and, lucky for us Kiwis, he does make quite regular visits to our shores. This year’s show sees Amos, once again, masterfully induce laughter through his trademark blend of weaving together a solid repertoire of funny anecdotes with effortless witty banter and good dose of sarcastic humor along with some pretty accurate mimicking of accents thrown in for good measure.

There’s something quite magical and gratifying about going to see a comedian who is a seasoned pro and can totally hold his own on stage. The audience got to see this in action right off the bat when a clueless heckler got absolutely shamed by a brilliantly drawn-out comeback from Amos. The quickfire way in which he responded and handled the situation without so much as batting an eyelid was impressive.

Over the course of the show, Amos recounts amusing stories from his travels and reminisces about the pre-Internet days as well as share thought-provoking musings about things that are happening in the world. Highlights include his sharp observations on what he facetiously tags as ‘casual racism’ and hilarious illustrations of online trolling on social media which had everyone in hysterics.

The Laughter Master is endlessly funny, exceedingly brilliant and packs a comedic punch. Stephen K Amos is an absolute master at his craft and a must-see. If you’re after a rollicking good time with guaranteed laughs, this is the ticket.


Stephen K Amos’ Auckland season is over but he will be at the Aurora Centre in Christchurch (May 11th), Baycourt in Tauranga (May 12th), TSB Showplace in New Plymouth (May 13th) and finally the Opera House in Wellington (May 14th). For more details and to book tickets, click here.




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