NZICF 2016: James Acaster – Reset

James Acaster

We all have regrets, we’ve all made mistakes. How great would it be if we could just hit the reset button? This premise is the springboard which James Acaster leaps from for this year’s show.

Like his previous shows, Acaster’s signature awkward demeanor pair extremely well with his low-key, ever so eccentric style of comedy to form an endlessly entertaining hour. Over the course of the show, we are regaled with amusing anecdotes that are seemingly just random thoughts but are all perfectly placed to flow and fit into the jigsaw that is the overall narrative.

Acaster’s material, unlike his unassuming stage presence, is incredibly assured but also extremely intelligent. From a hilarious blinds decision-making internal monologue to his favorite Kiwi expression, every little detail has been expertly crafted and impeccably timed to have maximum comedic impact.

The second half takes a slightly bizarre turn, which Acaster himself acknowledges, but albeit claims that he has lost control, something tells us that this is all a clever ruse and we are in safe hands. His innate ability to effortlessly draw the audience in and have us hang on to his every word is impressive.

There is something quite special about what Acaster brings to the table – there is no one in the circuit quite like him. Reset is yet another solid, subtly brilliant hour from this festival favorite that will not disappoint and will leave you in stitches.


Reset is on at The Classic April 26th – 28th then May 3rd – 7th at 7pm with an extra show on the 6th at Q Theatre at 9pm. He then kicks of his Wellington season at San Fran May 10th-14th at 8:30pm.

His Auckland season is pretty much sold out (hence the extra show) so if you haven’t already got tickets, best get in quick! For more details and to book tickets, click here.


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