NZICF 2016: George Egg – Anarchist Cook

George Egg

George Egg likens the art of anarchist cooking to that of casino card counters, the difference with him being the ‘best practitioners don’t get caught’. Fueled by a desire to best over-priced hotel food, he decided to come up with innovative solutions to creating meals within the limited means of a hotel room.

Anarchist Cook blends cooking with comedy to form a unique and fascinating concept of a show that is part engaging discourse, part cooking demonstration. The stage is set to mirror a typical hotel room which Egg uses to impressive effect to effortlessly whip up three appetizing courses.

Over the course of the hour, hair dryers, towel rails, irons and coat hangers take on new meaning and purpose. Egg has the audience completely captivated as he proves that anything is possible with a little bit of creative thinking and a can-do attitude.  From making cheese in the bathroom to flipping pancakes over an upside-down iron, this really is anarchist cooking at its best.

In between the chopping and poaching, Egg keeps the audience entertained and engaged with lighthearted banter as well as amusing food-based material. His genial, good-humored persona and enthusiasm for what he does is endearing; before we know it we too are invested in his plight and excited for what is coming together in front of us.

Anarchist Cook will give you an entirely different outlook on cookery and the boundless culinary potential a hotel room has. It is a brilliant premise that is deliciously crafty, delightfully ingenious and has to be seen to be believed. Be ready to soak in the smells and bring your appetite with you.


Anarchist Cook is on at the Herald Theatre at 7pm from May 10th – 14th. For more details and to book tickets, click here.


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