NZICF 2016: Lloyd Langford – Just The Right Level of Welshness

Lloyd Langford

After a successful debut season last year, Lloyd Langford is back on our shores with a new show. Just The Right Level of Welshness, he explains, was a prematurely selected show title and that really it should have been named ‘Rascal’ so as to tie in better with the theme of the show: pleasure.

Langford’s material was made up of sharp and witty observations about a range of topics which included terrorism, kinky sex games and even the weather. His deadpan delivery in that distinctive Welsh brogue pair brilliantly with his mildly self-deprecating sense of humor and is a big part of the show’s appeal.

Having spent some time in New Zealand, a significant portion of his set is spent sharing with us the things he has discovered from his travels. He fondly pokes fun at the things that amuse him like our nonchalant attitude towards living with volcanoes, our ‘flag debacle’ and the Kiwis’ commitment to providing their guests with some good tucker. There was also a hilarious bit about the Mad Butcher which was a particular crowd-pleaser.

Langford also imparts some fascinating facts he has acquired due to his thirst for attaining new information. From sex fetishes and bizarre cosmetic procedures to what the native kakapo are doing wrong which is causing them to be extinct, his desire to be well-informed added another comedic element to his routine.

Just The Right Level of Welshness is a solid repertoire of superbly crafted observational comedy that is delightfully engaging and exceedingly entertaining. Langford’s easygoing style along with his intelligent, humorous musings make for an easily enjoyable hour.


The Auckland season for Just The Right Level of Welshness is at The Classic from May 9th – 14th at 7pm. For more details and to book tickets, click here.


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