NZICF 2017: Urzila Carlson – Studies Have Shown

South African Urzila Carlson, who has called NZ home for 11 years now, is a national treasure and no stranger to the local comedy circuit. This year’s offering brings more of her trademark straight talk and conversational style of stand up which Kiwi audiences have come to know and love.

Studies Have Shown sees Carlson poke fun at the silly studies and strange surveys that are being carried out online and beyond while also providing suggestions of alternate topics for research. A range of subject matters are covered from what researchers have to say about pets to her personal approach to parenting.

Carlson’s engaging delivery coupled with her conversable and laidback demeanor make for an easily enjoyable show. Her ability to highlight the hilarity in everyday predicaments and scenarios – like which is the best toilet cubicle to occupy? – feels so effortless which illustrates her seasoned comic chops.

While her findings were fascinating and often eye-opening, it is Carlson’s suggestions for what we should be focused on instead that is the driving comedic force of the narrative. From a hilarious anecdote about the worst time for your keys to fail on you to a facetiously contentious spiel around how being vegetarian doesn’t help the planet, her material had solid entertainment value.

Studies Have Shown is frequently funny, incredibly accessible and brilliantly combines topical with comical to entertaining effect. It is another superb offering from Urzila Carlson that is guaranteed to tickle your funny bone.

Urzila Carlson has finished her run at the Comedy Festival but will now be taking this show on a nationwide tour. For dates, locations and to book tickets, click here.


NZICF 2016: Urzila Carlson – Unacceptable

Urzila Carlson

New Zealand’s favorite South African import Urzila Carlson is no stranger to the comedy circuit, having great crowd-pull every time she puts on a show. If you’re a ‘repeat offender’, as she puts it, you know your laughing muscles are in for a workout.

This year’s offering, we are told, is about celebrating the smaller things in life and equally openly recognizing when something is unsatisfactory. After a fleeting encounter on Facebook where Carlson discovered the power of the word ‘unacceptable’, she decided she was going to apply it to everyday life and consequently Unacceptable was born.

The show is essentially a collection of things in life that Carlson deems acceptable and unacceptable. Over the course of the hour, she shares her opinions about school sports, working in hospitality and ‘those green garden chairs’ to superb comedic effect, easily garnering many knowing, agreeing laughs. She also incorporated a crowd round to hear what we thought which added a brilliant interactive element to the narrative.

Considering the premise is largely about airing grievances which could have given the show a whiny tone, it is anything but. Even when she reveals an unexpected turn in a particular story, it does not significantly dampen the mood. This is all down to Carlson being an effortless entertainer with a well-honed comedic eye.

Carlson’s style of comedy is easily relatable and incredibly personable which is a big part of her appeal. She has an innate ability to deliver her material in a way that she instantly connects with her audience. She also has no qualms laughing at herself and her idiosyncrasies which is what forms the charm of the show.

Unacceptable is an exceedingly enjoyable hour of skilfully written, extremely witty comedy that will have you in stitches from start to end. Carlson is a gifted and accomplished comedian who is an utter delight to experience and an absolute must-see.


Unacceptable is on again tonight (May 14th) at SKYCITY Theatre at 7pm. Due to high demand, an extra show has been added after the festival on May 21st at 8pm. For more details and to book tickets, click here.