NZICF 2018: Alexis Dubus Verses the World

There’s no denying it: Alexis Dubus has a way with words. This show is not your average stand-up offering – in fact it is classified as “spoken word” back home we are told – but make no mistake; Dubus is an adept comedian so laughs will certainly be had.

Over the course of the hour Dubus uses his knack for rhyme and rhythm to deliver an enjoyable repertoire of silly songs and playful poetry with some jokes weaved in for good measure. He reels you in from the get-go with his whimsical opening number that is a catchy play on the title which perfectly encapsulates the tone and theme of the show.

From a harrowing but hilarious ditty about a belching masseuse to a fervent diatribe about bananas, he has the audience hooked on every cleverly crafted quip, ode and verse. We quickly learn that if he has an opinion about something, he’ll have written a poem about it in his trusty wee notebook.

As with his previous spoken word offerings, Dubus’ strengths as a skilled wordsmith and dynamic storyteller shine through along with his affable disposition to make for a captivating sitting. His dexterity at lyrical prose and ease at spinning comedic gold from a good pun is impressive and make him an absolute master of his craft.

Alexis Dubus Verses The World offers something a little different at the Festival from your standard comedy fare. It is a delightful jaunt of quirky yarns, fetching tunes and witty wordplay that will thoroughly entertain and resonate with you in the days following.

Alexis Dubus Verses The World is at Wellington’s Fringe Bar tonight and tomorrow (11 and 12 May). For more details and to book tickets, click here.


NZICF 2016: Alexis Dubus – A Bl**dy Brief History of Swearing

Alexis DubusIf you want to know where the bl**dy hell your favorite cuss word comes from, look no further – Alexis Dubus has the answers. He even has handy visual aids and an activity sheet you can take away with you after the show.

Part discourse, part open forum with a good serving of expletives as well as related humorous anecdotes to boot, this show, put simply, looks at the ‘science of swearing’. Dubus presents us with the what, why, who and how of the wonderfully offensive and eclectic world of curse words through a well-crafted lecture that both educates and entertains.

Throughout the hour, the audience is taken on a fascinating and in-depth journey of positively swear-y proportions. We become acquainted with our favorite four-letter friends as well as learn some new, and hilarious, cuss words. Along the way a swear captain is elected and even Shakespeare, we discover, had a bit of a sneaky potty mouth.

There’s a lot to like about this show and this is largely due to Dubus’ skill as a gifted wordsmith and adept storyteller. During the show, there is no Fourth Wall – he easily converses with the crowd and it becomes apparent that swearing is very much a shared activity. He is a natural and accomplished orator with an affable disposition that makes him extremely easy to listen to and engage with.

If you’re not, as Dubus puts it, a ‘lover of the swear’, then this show would probably give you an ear sore. But don’t let the profanities put you off; this is a fun and under-stated piece with solid edutainment value.

A Bl**dy Brief History of Swearing is incredibly informative, thoroughly entertaining and just bl**dy brilliant. Just f**king go!


A Bl**dy Brief History of Swearing is on again the following weekend on April 30th and May 1st at the Montecristo, 53 Nelson Street at 5pm. For more details and to book tickets click here.