KNOT: A Darkfield Radio Experience

Image credit: Alex Purcell

Darkfield Radio is back with a second season and another mind-bending broadcast that will transport you to an alternate reality through the clever use of binaural sound technology. KNOT plays out as a trilogy and the game changer – this time you are on the move!

This latest immersive encounter centres around a mysterious event and several curious characters – a woman lost in the park, men in transit both to and from said park and finally, a meeting in a house which brings together these voices and more. Initially it is unclear who these people are and how, or if, they are connected but as the plot unravels with each episode, the pieces of the puzzle fall into place.

Unlike its predecessors, KNOT is a cyclical story, unfolding in three parts at three different locations. Audiences are encouraged to begin the experience on a park bench then the passenger seat of a car before bringing you home for the conclusion. While you don’t have to situate yourself in these places, it does make the story that bit more authentic which in turn enhances the overall experience.

This work, as with all previous Darkfield Radio broadcasts, triumphs in its ability to employ expertly considered sound design to manipulate your sense of reality. Realscape Productions have definitely upped the ante this time round by inviting the audience to match their environment with the story’s. The soundscape is deftly devised so it is chillingly realistic and all encompassing, blurring the lines between what’s real and what’s “part of the show”.

While each part was clearly crafted with the locales in mind, the second episode was by far the most convincing, due to the different layers of audio involved. When the man in the backseat speaks, you can’t help but look behind you convinced there is someone there. You hear traffic sounds outside – is that coming through your headphones or is that what’s happening in real time?

We are very fortunate in Aotearoa to be able to enjoy live theatre at the minute but KNOT is definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for something a little different. Brilliantly immersive, engaging and superbly conceived, this innovative audio experience will not disappoint.

KNOT is currently running Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays this month (August). Tickets are $37 per person for the trilogy (all 3 episodes), book now at at


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