NZICF 2017: Tony Lyall – Happy Hour

Everybody loves a good happy hour. Tony Lyall has set high expectations on himself with a show title like that and thankfully he delivers, even doling out beers to sweeten the deal.

Happy Hour is a curated off the cuff offering which looks at the various things in life that make us happy. At the top of the show, Lyall invites the crowd to call out suggestions of things to discuss over the course of the hour which he writes on a blackboard.

It’s quite cheeky, getting your audience to contribute to what will be the show’s “set list”, but then again he does stipulate that the show is our happy hour. The challenge to having your show set up in this way is having a wealth of material to back it up which Lyall does in spades.

From his annoyance to people who stay awake for no good reason to how running turned into a potential murder-suicide, Lyall’s material is sharp, engaging and consistently funny. Despite the impromptu arrangement, he does manage to take the nominated topics and cobble together a routine that is surprisingly cohesive.

Happy Hour is a cleverly crafted, enjoyably improvised show that boasts excellent comedic value. Tony Lyall’s exuberant energy coupled with his relatable style of tongue-in-cheek humor make for an upbeat and easily entertaining hour.

Tony Lyall has finished his run at the Comedy Festival. For more details and to find out when and where he will be performing next, click here. You can also follow him on Twitter.



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