NZICF 2017: Ed Gamble – The Best of Ed Gamble

It’s Ed Gamble’s first time in NZ and he is loving it so far, especially Kiwis’ laidback attitude. At the top of the show, he breaks the Fourth Wall and engages in some pleasant get-to-know-you banter including a guessing game which involved different audience members. This little exercise certainly broke the ice and helped ease the crowd in to the show.

As a young, unmarried and childless comedian, Gamble professes to have not much to worry about. He does, however, tend to panic about who he is and most notably when faced with persons of authority. His accurate but inappropriate answer to the TSA officer on why he was in the States is woefully hilarious and gives an early glimpse of his sense of humor.

From openly poking fun at his own forgettable ‘undercover Mormon’ face to an entertaining rant about the hardships of living with a messy girlfriend, Gamble’s material has solid comedic value. He intermittently analyzes the audience’s reaction – and takes his opportunities to ‘reset’ when the response is not what he had hoped – which add another dynamic, humorous element to the show.

The latter half takes on a more ‘nether-region-y’ feel which Gamble does apologize for though is unnecessary as this is where he hits his stride. Not everyone can make stories in this realm genuinely amusing but he does this seamlessly. One particularly harrowing story about discovering a stray hair in the most unlikely place had the crowd in fits of laughter.

The Best of Ed Gamble is a consistently funny hour of the comical episodes and mishaps that he finds himself in that is guaranteed to tickle your funny bone. Ed Gamble may have started as part of a duo but he is an adept comedian in his own right and definitely one to watch.

Ed Gamble is performing at The Classic until 6th May. He will also be at the Wellington Rowers Club on 14th May. For more details and to book tickets, click here.


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