NZICF 2017: Ed Byrne – Outside Looking In

Ed Byrne is a household name in the international circuit and is no stranger to Kiwi comedy audiences having toured NZ multiple times over the years since 1996. This year he is back to celebrate his 20th anniversary and there is definitely a sense of familiarity in his delivery – it’s evident he knows how to play to Kiwis.

Outside Looking In comes to us on the heels of playing to sold out houses all over the UK this past year and consequently there is a very seasoned feel to it. Over the course of the show, Byrne candidly shares anecdotes from both his professional and personal life, from the last time he died on stage to early dating mishaps. He has no qualms with laughing at himself – even heckling his own work at one point – which add to the show’s spirited charm.

Byrne’s animated storytelling is effortlessly engaging, incorporating clever wordplay and witty exchanges, all perfectly timed to achieve the maximum comedic impact. He also uses questions he has asked audiences at other gigs as a springboard to spark conversation with us however much to his knowing amusement this more often than not ends up being one-sided.

Though it is very much a show about Byrne a lot of what is talked about is extremely relatable and this is indicative in the chorus of appreciative laughs that far outweigh the opening evening’s more intimate crowd. His self-disparaging sense of humor along with his affable Irish charm come together seamlessly to form a highly entertaining routine.

Outside Looking In is an absolute comedic delight – brilliantly crafted and deliciously self-deprecating with not a dull moment to be had. Ed Byrne is an accomplished comedian whose keen observational style of comedy is guaranteed to give your laughing muscles a workout.

Ed Byrne is performing at the SKYCITY Theatre until the 6th May and at the Bruce Mason Centre on the 10th May. He is also doing a show at the Theatre Royal Nelson and Napier Municipal Theatre on the 9th and 11th May respectively. For more details and to book, click here.


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