NZICF 2017: Romesh Ranganathan – Irrational

Though Romesh Ranganathan is relatively new to the comedy scene, he has already achieved so much. With multiple panel show appearances, sold out shows in the iconic Hammersmith Apollo and a BAFTA nominated TV series under his belt, he has come a long way from his former career as a maths teacher.

In Irrational, Ranganathan makes a meal of poking fun at the various things in life that he takes issue with. From ingeniously accurate observations to outrageously ridiculous thoughts, he has the crowd effortlessly in fits of laughter. His incensed rant about Wagamama’s shared tables style of dining was a particular highlight and crowd pleaser.

Over the course of the hour, we get to know Ranganathan – his family, his pet peeves, what makes him tick. He regularly talks about his three kids (the brazen way in which he berates them is so bad it’s good), shares the downsides of hanging out alone (especially at the cinema watching a children’s film) and his struggles as a Sri Lankan ‘coconut’ (the key to his success on TV). He is also not afraid to veer in to controversial territory, smoothly managing to find the humour in the taboo.

Ranganathan’s greatest strength is his innate ability to take what most of us are already thinking – whether consciously or not – and bring it to light in the funniest possible way. His fervent ranting monologue is punctuated by regular interaction with the crowd which add a layer of dynamism to the routine.

Irrational is highly accessible, exceedingly funny and is observational comedy at its best. It is an easily enjoyable running diatribe of the every day that is the perfect mix of cynical and comical.

This was one of only two shows Romesh Ranganathan performed in Auckland. To find out where he is performing next and when he will be returning to our shores, check out his website.



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