NZICF 2016: Frenchy – World’s Worst Adult


With over two hundred million views and one-and-a-half million fans on social media, Frenchy’s online reputation precedes him. This show comes with a warning that it contains offensive material which is accurate yet all the same is arguably putting it mild.

World’s Worst Adult is an off-color escapade in to what Frenchy refers to as his ‘immature brain’ in which there are no rules or boundaries and certainly no decorum. From unapologetic sexist jokes to pedophilia and even bestiality, no crude stone is left unturned as the most controversial of subjects are tackled without so much as batting an eyelid.

Weaved among the profanities and obscenities were amusing tales which included recollections from his surprising former life as a high school teacher as well as some hilariously outrageous sex encounters. Along the way, we were also treated to some audaciously tongue-in-cheek, bawdy songs one of which gave the world of Harry Potter a whole new outlook.

Frenchy pairs his twisted sense of humor with his underlying comedic sensibility to form just the right blend of shocking yet still somehow genuinely funny material. He uses his sociable manner with his cheeky charm to superb effect; as vulgar as some of his jokes got – and there were a lot of them – he never once lost the crowd.

It’s no easy feat delivering a show that is designed to offend yet is mindful to not cross the line to tasteless territory. The key to enjoying this show is to dispel all thought of what’s right or appropriate and just indulge in the hilarity Frenchy has unabashedly unleashed from topics of which laughter is an improper response.

Needless to say, Frenchy is not for everyone. If you don’t offend easily though, World’s Worst Adult is a gasp-inducing, no holds barred hour of gloriously filthy and irreverent comedy that doesn’t shy away from laughing at the taboo things in life.


World’s Worst Adult is on just one more time – tonight at Q Theatre at 9pm. For more details and to book tickets, click here.


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